Gluten Free & Vegan

At BabyCakes Cupcakes, all of our creations are made from scratch with only natural ingredients. For this reason, we are able to control our environment and offer specialty cupcakes. BabyCakes makes gluten free, vegan and sugar free cupcakes; we can also work with your specific allergy or dietary needs with advance notice. We believe that homemade treats should be available to everyone and they should taste yummy.

Every Thursday & Friday, we offer gluten free and vegan cupcakes in our shoppe, but they also can be ordered with a days’ notice, Tuesday thru Saturday. Sugar Free cupcakes can be ordered as well with 2 days’ notice. We can also cater to very specific allergy needs; just give us a call and we will work out your dietary concerns. Our facility is also safe for people with peanut & tree nut allergies. None of our cupcakes are made with peanut products unless they are specifically listed as such (i.e. banana with peanut butter icing or butter pecan). All of our tools are sterilized and never cross contaminated, so that even peanut sensitive customers can walk into our shoppe and pick a cupcake from our shelves. Our Gluten Free,Vegan and Sugar Free flavors are as follows:

You can use the form below, call or visit us on Thursday and Friday for these wonderful special cupcakes.

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Store Hours:

Sunday & Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11 AM - 5 PM*
Wednesday & Thursday: 11 AM - 6:00 PM*
Friday: 11 AM - 5:30 PM*
Saturday: Order pickup only

*or until all the cupcakes disappear & on occasion, we do sell out due to the fact we bake fresh
Happy Hour!!

Wednesday & Thursday
From 5:30 until 6:00
all Cupcakes are $1.00 Each*

*maximum carry out 1/2 dozen
during Happy Hour & on occasion, we do sell out before reaching this happy time
The Cupcakes

Baby Cakes Cupcakes
$2.00 per cupcake/$22.00 per dozen

BabyCakes Cupcakes Mini Cupcakes*
$1.00 per cupcake/$11.00 per dozen

*available for order only with 24 hour notice

Baby Cakes Fondant and Fun Cupcakes*
$2.50 per cupcake/$27.50 per dozen

*order with 48 hour notice

Cocktail Cakes
$2.50 per cupcake/$27.50 per dozen/$1.25 for minis

Doggie Cakes
$1.00 per cupcake/$11.00 per dozen/$.50 minis

Vegan & Gluten Free
same price as our regular cupcakes! Vegan & Gluten Free available Thursday & Friday or any day with an order and 2 day's notice notice!