Wedding Information

Weddings make us extremely happy. We love helping brides and grooms create their perfect cupcake tower to coordinate with their perfect wedding.  The beauty of wedding cupcakes is that so many different flavors can be chosen and it brings a whimsical, fun aspect to your perfect day.  We have found that the site of lovely cupcakes brings everyone together; cupcakes always put a smile on everyone’s face. Our cupcakes and mini cake will be baked fresh on your big day and we have tiers available to rent and display.

If you are interested in a lovely display of cupcakes at your wedding, please contact us via email at or by phone, 859.317.9619.  We can work together to create a tasting box that can be enjoyed with your friends and loved ones.  We also offer small cutting cakes if desired.  Cheers to wedded bliss!

Peace & Love, – Tricia Clemons

Store Hours:

Sunday & Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11 AM - 5 PM*
Wednesday & Thursday: 11 AM - 6:00 PM*
Friday: 11 AM - 5:30 PM*
Saturday: Order pickup only

*or until all the cupcakes disappear & on occasion, we do sell out due to the fact we bake fresh
Happy Hour!!

Wednesday & Thursday
From 5:30 until 6:00
all Cupcakes are $1.00 Each*

*maximum carry out 1/2 dozen
during Happy Hour & on occasion, we do sell out before reaching this happy time
The Cupcakes

Baby Cakes Cupcakes
$2.00 per cupcake/$22.00 per dozen

BabyCakes Cupcakes Mini Cupcakes*
$1.00 per cupcake/$11.00 per dozen

*available for order only with 24 hour notice

Baby Cakes Fondant and Fun Cupcakes*
$2.50 per cupcake/$27.50 per dozen

*order with 48 hour notice

Cocktail Cakes
$2.50 per cupcake/$27.50 per dozen/$1.25 for minis

Doggie Cakes
$1.00 per cupcake/$11.00 per dozen/$.50 minis

Vegan & Gluten Free
same price as our regular cupcakes! Vegan & Gluten Free available Thursday & Friday or any day with an order and 2 day's notice notice!